We take security VERY seriously.

Financial and medical device companies trust Remark to adhere to FTC and HIPAA regulations, respectively. Let's not forget the studios and the MPAA's requirements.

No not at all. Remark never sees or touches your video content - ever. Your content is safe with your approved cloud storage provider or on your own internal hosting infrastructure.
Think of Remark as a secure and temporary portal that sets up a direct streaming connection between the viewer and the video content without ever needing to see the video content data stream.

In a more technical sense - Remark utilizes a video player that pulls videos from any source without needing to store a copy of the video file.
You provide links to your video content or you can authenticate with your approved storage provider via a file picker.

There are optional fields such as a video title, description, and labels that can be added - but solely up to the user's discretion.
Remark has a secure account login system that is silo'ed from the entire product. We utilize Google's noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA system to prevent bots and brute force attacks.

A username or email is a user's identifier with a minimum of 6 character passwords being required. Longer or more stringent password requirements and Single Sign-On options are available with enterprise accounts.
There are no contracts with any individual Remark plans and you can switch between the account types at any time. Enterprise plans have service level agreements and additional stipulations that typically encompass our commitment to you as a customer versus binding you to us.
Remark is enterprise-grade which means security is one of our priorities. We give complete control to project managers and owners with collaborator management, passwords, deadlines, watermarks, and private viewing rooms.
When you add a video to Remark, a viewing room is created. All viewing rooms are by default "Public". This doesn't mean it is broadcast to the public, but public viewing rooms have unique links that can be accessed by anyone, with or without an account. Private viewing rooms are a feature of Plus account project owners and above in which, if enabled, the viewing room links are restricted to explicitly invited collaborators only.
Embedding is the ability to copy some lines of code that Remark provides and have the viewing room experience on your own website.
Videos that are streamed and viewed with our videoJS player (ie: Dropbox, ShareFile, Box, your local files, and other custom video hosts) benefit from a dynamic watermark generated each time a user enters a viewing room. Typically their email will be displayed across the video player with varying degrees of transparency.
With Pro accounts, you can set passwords as an additional level of security on top of individual viewing rooms. This is best used when using storage providers that don't require user authentication or provide their own set of security and/or user management.
With Pro accounts, you can set viewing rooms to automatically lock down based on a deadline you set. When a viewing room has expired, a user trying to access that viewing room will be presented with a simple message to contact the project owner for more information.
All information you submit on RemarkHQ.com and 3rd party sites that we share data with (ie: Zendesk.com, Intercom.io) are protected with physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards. Despite the actions and precautions we take, no data transmissions over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. To see more, please reference our privacy policy or contact us.

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