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ShareFile + Remark

Used by 99% of Fortune 500 companies, Citrix ShareFile has established itself as the secure file sharing provider for enterprise.

Coupled with Remark, ShareFile users can seamlessly play, review, and approve videos from any device, any where.

remark and sharefile
remark and sharefile screenshot

Dropbox + Remark

Clearly the number one cloud storage provider in the world and every employee's dirty little secret.

We do some handshaking behind the scenes directly with Dropbox to make sure your videos stream as seamlessly as possible.

remark and dropbox
remark and dropbox screenshot

Box + Remark

Reinventing how global businesses use content. Companies rely on Box because it's secure, works on any device, and scales to meet the needs of small businesses to the Fortune 500

With the click of a button, all of your Box collaborators and settings can be mimiced in Remark. Even if a viewing room link is mis-shared, all videos inside your rooms are locked down based on your sharing settings in Box.

remark and box
remark and box

Adobe + Remark

As a leader in the creative industry, Adobe's video offerings include Prelude, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

With internet-enabled editing suites, Remark and Adobe will provide the most seamless post workflow imaginable.

remark and adobe
remark and adobe screenshot

G-Technology + Remark

In today's internet-enabled workforce, professionals are working from anywhere.

Remark greatly lowers the barriers to working with talented individuals around the world in a distributed team.

@RemarkHQ great product, great people, great customer service, a good combo for video teams!

(Screenshot: Screenshot)

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