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Storage Agnostic

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Everyone has their own personal preference and/or requirements for their storage provider.

We feel that by rebranding an S3 bucket and charging for that storage on top of what you already pay for storage is a waste of money - especially your time to re-upload.

Dropbox Google Drive Box
Vimeo Wistia ShareFile
YouTube WireDrive Amazon S3

We are always adding more integrations with more storage providers around the world. If the one you use isn't listed, please don't hesitate to contact us about what's on our roadmap.

Timestamped Annotations

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We know it's hard to get someone to change their habits, especially a client.

That's why our viewing room was awarded Studio Daily's Prime Award for Ease-of-Use and continues to receive praise from industry veterans but most importantly, the clients of our customers.

Coca Cola LOVES Remark. Keep up the good work. - France company

Marker Export

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Remember the time you sat there organizing notes from a gazillion places and manually entering markers into your editing software?

After receiving Remarks from all stakeholders involved in a project, editors can export the Remarks as markers in an XML format that seamlessly imports into your preferred editing platform.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 7 & X
  • AVID Media Composer

Client Portal

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Remark can power your client portal. Stop trying to maintain a custom web app on your website and focus on making the best videos for your clients.

Customize the entire Remark app with your company name, logo, and look & feel and easily manage internal and external stakeholder accounts in a company admin dashboard.

Renegade Productions quote.

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