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Let's start by eliminating the endless back and forth emails.

Powerful yet easy communication tools for internal and external stakeholders

Time-stamped annotations (text, drawings, voice notes) tied to each video viewing room.

Reply to and discuss the exact Remark with a visual reference, all in one place.

Before Remark, our client feedback process was painful. Convoluted emails referencing timecode don't work. Since adopting Remark over a year ago, our workflow and client satisfaction has dramatically increased. It is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools we have as a production company.

@John Trefry, Founder & CEO at 4WT Media

(Screenshot: Remark - Dashboard & Project view)

Works across all devices

Mobile-first means designing from small to big. Remark looks great and feels like it was made for whatever device and screen size you want to use.

Remark is browser-based and is built for Chrome, but we also support Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari, and countless other modern browsers.

Remark makes collaborating with your clients simple. It’s intuitive interface makes it really easy to use for our clients and keeps them involved in the production process. The Remark team keeps making this product better and we’re looking forward to continue using it.

@Jack Empire, Produce+Editor for CTRL

Professional and Simple

You collaborate with internal AND external stakeholders and you always want to put your best foot forward.

We continuously improve our look and feel to stay up-to-date with current design trends while maintaining an easy-to-use experience for you and most importantly, your clients.

The corporate work that I use Remark for has been great! It has improved communication with my clients and has made the editing process with them so much easier.

@Matt Harris, Freelancer, The Film Poets

(Screenshot:Remark - Client Dashboard, Viewing Room, Welcome Screen)

Connect stakeholders from anywhere around the world

In today's internet-enabled workforce, professionals are working from anywhere.

Remark greatly lowers the barriers to working with talented individuals around the world in a distributed team.

We used the software for a big project that required collaboration between people all across Canada, and I have to say it was a huge success. Everyone said it was the slickest and smoothest collaborative review process they had ever experienced. Nice work!

@Oren Hercz, Producer/Head of Post Production at Journeyman Film Company

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